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About Us :

Tiga Kali Studio is a new media production company founded by Alex Barrett, Maulin Patel and Andrew Shau Seong Yap in Autumn 2005, with the objectives of developing and producing fresh, innovative and thoughtful independent short films, photographs and paintings. It is the intention that this site will act not only as a source of information for our films, but also as a host for original online material in our gallery section. We intend to achieve our goals within reasonable costs and to target our products at any and all that would enjoy or be influenced by our projects. In the foreseeable future, we hope to expand in both scale and status, and thus be able to make a profit not only for ourselves but also for our investors and partners, be it in reputation or for monetary gain. All three founding members are fellow graduates from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (now part of the University College for the Creative Arts), and have enjoyed previous successes within their fields.

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