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Title: Canbury
Genre: Drama
Format: HDV
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Running Time: 11 mins, 55 secs
Release Date: Summer 2008

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'Canbury' is a trilogy of stories concerning the lives of six twentysomethings, dealing with their progression (or lack thereof) beyond the confines of adolescence: two friends discuss their opposing attitudes to relationships; a male and female fail to act upon their mutual attraction; two males sit comatose through boredom.

Director’s Statement:
For me, and for many people of my age who grew up in Kingston-upon-Thames, Canbury Gardens represents a certain nostalgia; a symbol, perhaps, of our adolescence. With the exception of one local youth club and a handful of music venues with lenient door-policies, it was the primary place where we spent our under-age, teenage years: hanging out, talking, drinking.

It is by the nature of their surroundings, therefore, and through their relationships to it, that the protagonists of 'Canbury' share a certain nostalgia for their past, a nostalgia which raises questions as to whether they are making, or have made, the most of their lives. While themes of ‘missed’ opportunities and ‘wasted’ youth emerge through these questions, the film is not meant as a judgmental or polemical piece. Ultimately, it strives to present something approaching a truth: a truth of life as it may have happened, may still happen, or in one case did happen.

Alex Barrett
London, January 2008

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Full cast and crew for 'Canbury':

Part I:
Charlotte Coy & Sari Easton
Part II: Lachlan McCall & Rachel Bright
Part III: James Groom & James Wallace

Writer & Director:
Alex Barrett
Producers: Alex Barrett & Andrew Visser
Cinematographers: Daniel Rothschild (Part I), Andrew Visser (Part II) and Ben Jones (Part III)
Linking Material and Still Photography: Ben Jones, Daniel Rothschild and Andrew Visser
Editor: Alex Barrett
Location Sound and Original Score: Jason Creasey

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