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Title: Great and Small.
Genre: Drama.
Format: MiniDV.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
Running Time: 2 mins, 59 secs.
Release Date: August 2007

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Synopsis: In a small room a man kneels down to pray in front of a framed painting of Jesus. The picture is garish and kitschy. His prayers are soon interrupted by a noisy fly, which seems intent on landing on his hands. After several futile attempts to wave the fly away, the man leaves the room and the fly settles on the painting. The man bursts back into the room and swats the fly with a rolled-up newspaper. The carcass of the fly leaves a smudge on Jesus' cheek: it looks like a tear.

Director's Statement: In the troubled times of the 21 st Century, many things are done under the pretext of religion. This is true not only on a global and national level, but also on an individual and personal level. Indeed, belief in a higher power or omnipotent being is often a decisive factor in the way that we choose to lead our lives. Yet, as often as not, there is something amiss, something off kilter, about the decisions made in the name of belief. All religions, ultimately, preach love and tolerance, and any practice in religious life which contradicts this must, therefore, be seen as either being based on a misinterpretation of the scriptures, or, quite simply and far more likely, a fine example of human hypocrisy at its most basic level. In a world where material gain is seen as being more important than spiritual love, it seems naïve to hope for life to be led in any other way. In short, life is led very much in a ‘say one thing, do another' way. Thus, while many men and women may indeed praise all of God's creatures – great and small – these praises are likely to not be carried through into the day-to-day practice of their lives. In addition to making a mockery of the very religion they practise, these actions must only anger and sadden the selfsame God to which they pray.

Alex Barrett,
London, November 2005.

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Full cast and crew for ‘Great and Small':

The Man: Stuart Reid

Writer and Director: Alex Barrett
Producer: Maulin Patel
Executive Producers: Alex Barrett, Andrew Visser, Andrew Shau Seong Yap
Cinematographer: Ben Jones
Editor: Andrew Visser
Sound Design: Xander Williams
'All Things Bright and Beautiful’ Performed by Verbal Vigilante Music
Production Design, VFX and Animation: Andrew Shau Seong Yap

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