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Title: Paintbrush
Genre: Satire
Format: Assembled from stills 
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 
Running Time: 7 mins, 42 secs
Release Date: Summer 2008

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Made up entirely of stills, 'Paintbrush' presents portraits of ten users of a fictitious online social networking website. By detailing the information given by each user on their profile, the film explores themes surrounding identity, while also serving as a satire of online social networking.

Director’s Statement:
The intention behind Paintbrush is to explore issues of identity and persona, and to do so using the language of social networking. While the film is intended to serve as a satire of the social networking experience, the idea of social networking is first and foremost being used as a metaphor for the way in which we all, as individuals, present ourselves in public. At its heart, the film explores the clash between ‘public’ and ‘private’ personas, essentially detailing that the way we present ourselves to others in public is often not representative of our ‘true’ or ‘real’ selves (if indeed there can ever be such a thing). In fact, the film even goes so far as to suggest that our public displays of identity often deliberately misrepresent or fictionalise our own private personas. By using social networking as a metaphor to explore these issues, the film of course inescapably and inherently also comments upon social interaction in the digital age and the interconnectivity of our lives.

Alex Barrett
London, March 2008

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Full cast and crew for 'Paintbrush':

Alex Barrett as Malcolm
Joe Swanberg as Danny
Rachel Bright as Marisa
Charlotte Coy as Jean
Sanj Surati as Ryan
Vanessa Govinden as Nicole
Peter Harmer as Harvey
Jessica Hymas as Shelley
Alex Adams as Matthew
Lachlan McCall as Jack
and the voice of Sarah-Louise Young as the narrator

Directed & Edited by Alex Barrett
Written by Alex Barrett & Rahim Moledina
Produced by Rahim Moledina
Voice-Over Recording by Jason Creasey
Sound Design by Jason Creasey
Paintbrush Logo Designed by Andrew Gill

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