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Title: Paintbrush: The Epitaph
Genre: Drama
Format: Assembled from stills 
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 
Running Time: 4 minutes
Release Date: January 2010

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A sequel to the award-winning short film 'Paintbrush', 'Paintbrush: The Epitaph' continues to explore interaction in the age of online social networking, focusing specifically on the way it affects ideas of mortality.

Director’s Statement:
Although from a narrative point of view 'Paintbrush: The Epitaph' picks up from where its predecessor left off, in all other aspects the film comes from a very different angle. Whereas the first film was intended as a film about identity which used the language of social networking to explore its ideas, this film deals more explicitly with the social networking experience. Furthermore, the first film's comedic-satirical tone is replaced here by a darker undercurrent of tragedy, a shift necessitated by the material itself. With the rise in profiles being used as both suicide notes and/or memorial sites, it felt like a fitting time to explore the ways in which this new phenomenon affects our ideas of mortality and legacy. Of course, as much as the film is directly about social networking, I hope that it will also raise questions around these ideas which stretch beyond 'online profiles' – for instance, as a filmmaker, will my films become my legacy after I'm gone? In the scheme of human existence, the digital age is still a new phenomenon and I think it's important to consider how our social interaction is evolving and to be aware of the ways in which it is changing our lives – and our deaths.
Alex Barrett
London, November 2009

If you are a sales agent or distributor interested in acquiring the rights to 'Paintbrush: The Epitaph', or a festival organiser interested in screening the film, then please contact us by emailing here.

Full cast and crew for 'Paintbrush: The Epitaph':

Lachlan McCall as Jack
Alex Adams as Matthew
Peter Harmer as Harvey
Rachel Watkinson Jack's Friend
and the voice of Sarah-Louise Young as the narrator

Directed & Edited by Alex Barrett
Written by Alex Barrett & Rahim Moledina
Produced by Rahim Moledina
Executive Producer Lachlan McCall
Voice-Over Recording by Jason Creasey
Sound Design by Jason Creasey
Paintbrush Logo Designed by Andrew Gill

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