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Title: Andrew.
Genre: Psychological Romantic Drama.
Format: HDCAM
Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
Running Time: 14 mins, 38 secs.
Release Date: September 2008
This project was produced in association with Roll With It Productions.

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Andrew and Sue are a seemingly happy couple, despite the fact that Sue is married to another man. However, Andrew is racked with guilt at the thought of inflicting on Sue’s husband the pain that was caused to him when his ex-wife left him for another man. After having a romantic meal together, Andrew’s conscience catches up with him and, over the events of one evening, it becomes apparent that Andrew must decide what is stronger: the increasing hate that he feels for himself, or the love that he feels for Sue.

Director's Statement:
The idea for Andrew can be traced back to the summer of 2006, when I wrote the following note in my journal:

Had an idea for a new short film:
A man falls in love with a woman, but the woman is married. Due to the fact that the man lost his first wife because she had an affair with another man, he passionately hates the idea of having an affair and of being the ‘other man’. The film – to be told largely through visuals – would deal with how he comes to terms with this: does he become something that he hates in order to gain something that he loves, or does he sacrifice something that he loves in order to avoid becoming what he hates.

For a number of reasons, it was a while before the first draft of this script was written. As these things are wont to do, by the time I came to write the first draft the idea had developed, and the script came to focus not on someone who is falling in love with a married woman, but on someone who is already in love with a married woman. Thus, he has, in many ways, already become what it is that he hates. However, despite this minor shift in emphasis, the central dilemmas of the film are already clearly apparent in this initial outline (these being the idea of self-loathing and the complex relationship between love and hate). The film’s philosophical exploration of the emotions of love and (self-)hate are wrapped up in the idea of infidelity, but of course infidelity should only be seen as one example of these emotions coming into play. Thus, the idea of being the ‘other man’ is here being used as both a metaphor and a microcosm of the more general feeling of simply waking up one morning to discover that you don’t like the person that you have become (or, at the least, disliking certain aspects of your personality, along with actions or events which you regret – something I’m sure everyone can relate to in one way or another as, quite simply, we all make mistakes and we all have regrets). Of course, such feelings and thoughts – of not liking who you are and/or what you have done – bring to light feelings of guilt, and it is ultimately Andrew’s heavy conscience that leads to the internal struggle that is really at the heart of the film. Ultimately, therefore, I hope that the emotional heart of the philosophical, psychological ‘romantic drama’ that Andrew will become will raise many questions on a number of themes ranging from conscience (is it ever really wrong to fall in love?) to infidelity (is it ever really right to cheat?) to the interplay and relationship between the twin emotions of love and hate (which is ultimately the stronger of these two emotions, and can they ever truly be separated?).

Alex Barrett,
London, January 2007.

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Full cast and crew for 'Andrew':

Andrew: Matt Warman
Sue: Sarah-Louise Young
Robert: Christopher Tate
Jennifer: Angela Peters
Will: Charlie Palmer

Writer and Director: Alex Barrett
Producer: Angus Watts
Director of Photography: Polly Morgan
Editor: Murat Kebir
Sound Recordist: Jason Creasey
Original Score: James McWilliam

Associate Producer: Kathryn Peel
Focus Puller: Hu-Hsuan Wei
Gaffer: Zsuzsanna Lazar
Lighting Assistant: Edgar Dubrovskiy
Online Editor: Murat Kebir
Audio Mix and FX: Jason Creasey
Make-Up & Hair Artist: Annalisa Proto
Stills Photographer: Edgar Dubrovskiy

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